Boston’s Favorite Ice Cream Shop Introduces an Additional New Bourbon Ice Cream Flavor, And the Return of a Favorite. J.P. Licks recently announced two new boozy ice cream flavors earlier this month, and the award winning beloved ice cream shop is excited to announce one additional new flavor and the awaited return of a popular holiday favorite.

Caramel Bourbon Fig is the newest flavor that blends bourbon-marinated figs and caramel into a sweet ice cream mix. This new flavor-packed ice cream will hit J.P. Licks’ 17 store locations along with the return of Coquito on Tuesday, December 1.

Coquito meaning “little coconut” in Spanish originated in Puerto Rico as a holiday drink. Somewhat similar to Eggnog, it is loaded with coconut, rum, and cinnamon. The holiday favorite has been running at J.P.Licks’ locations since the company’s head ice cream maker worked with Vincent Petryk to create the flavor a few years back.

"Liquor and ice cream go together so well- any sweet creamy drink translates very nicely into an ice cream flavor” says founder, owner and ice cream maestro, Vincent Petryk. “Our Coquito flavor has been a favorite for many over the past few holiday seasons, and we are excited for its return especially with National Coquito Day on December 21.”

Caramel Bourbon Fig and Coquito will be available at J.P. Licks starting on Tuesday, December 1 and will run through the holiday season along with previously announced Cherry Amaretto and Bourbon Praline. J.P. Licks is hoping to warm up customers with these four boozy, flavor-packed ice creams.

About J.P. Licks

For almost 40 years, J.P. Licks has been serving homemade ice cream and other specialties in their 17 Kosher-certified shops in and around Boston. Locally owned and operated by Vincent Petryk, J.P. Licks has won many awards over the years for their intensely-flavored homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt. J.P. Licks has received over 300 “Best of” awards over the last 40 years including awards from Boston Magazine and The Boston Globe. Known for their high quality, scrumptious treats J.P. Licks was named Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s 2006 “Small Business of the Year”.

In addition to their frozen creations, J.P. Licks roasts their own fair trade and organic coffee beans on-site at their Jamaica Plain store, which ensures the best and the freshest, full-bodied cup of coffee around. Delicious hand packed ice cream cakes as well as breakfast & ice cream sundae catering is also available.